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Join our Crew... Build your career with S&S!

We build buildings that help companies and communities grow.

We build buildings where people work, play, and worship. Every project we’re on makes someone’s life better, and we think that’s pretty great. Our success is directly attributed to the employees that go out every day and enjoy what they do. We think one of the best feelings is to turn around at the end of the day and be proud of what you built. We also recognize the importance of family, and we try to cultivate a healthy balance of home time, so you can enjoy time with those who mean the most to you.

Everyone on our leadership team started in the field, with their hands on the material. Our foremen began as laborers and grew into capable and competent leaders, and we are always looking to add to that group! We provide tools, technical training, safety training, and leadership training, because we think it’s important to promote continual development for all crew members, not just the senior leaders. We also have an advancement program in place to lay out the skills you’ll learn as you climb the ladder at S&S.

We offer the following benefits to our crew members:

On your first day, you will be issued a toolbox containing most of the specialized tools you’ll need to work on metal buildings – We want you to be successful, and you can’t do that without the right tools!

Work wear
When you start, you’ll be supplied with company shirts, and we resupply the crew annually. We also periodically outfit the crew with high quality winter jackets.

Medical, Prescription, Dental, and Vision Insurance.
S&S will cover 75% of your premium, and 25% of your family’s premiums

Paid time off
Vacation is accrued based on hours worked and can start being used after completing your evaluation period. We have six paid holidays, available after 30 days of employment.

401(k) retirement plan
Planning for your future is important! S&S will match your contribution up to 3% of your base pay, as well as make profit sharing contributions (this is determined annually).

When the getting is good, we know its because of the crews in the field. We try to reward that hard work with a little something extra when we can.

Safety Equipment
In your toolbox you’ll also be issued a hard hat, harness, safety glasses and other safety equipment you’ll need. Worn or damaged safety equipment gets replaced as necessary.

Work boot Reimbursement
We work on our feet, so wearing good quality boots is imperative! We recognize that good quality work boots are a significant investment, so we will reimburse up to $100 per year for boots. It won’t cover all of it, but it helps take the sting out of good quality boots.

Short term and Long term disability insurance
Sometimes, bad things happen. S&S provides disability insurance to its employees to help cover some of their costs, in the event they are medically unable to work. S&S covers 100% of this insurance.

Travel Incentives
We know working away from home is tough, so we try to make it a little easier by covering hotel and travel costs, as well as a per diem to help cover the cost of meals while you’re out of town.

To work here, you’ll need to be tough.

Our job requires us to be physically active, as we often are lifting and carrying heavy materials and tools. You’ll watch the sunrise every day, since you’ll be on the jobsite by dawn’s first light for the morning brief. Some days we’ll chase the sun down, too. It’s hard work, but the reward is worth it.
The people who make it here have great attitudes, a willingness to learn new skills, and a hunger to better themselves. If you’re just looking for a job, and not a career, look somewhere else. You’ll need to be proficient in multiple construction disciplines – but don’t worry if you don’t know it all right now, we’ll help with that. We’d like to see applicants with construction experience. Whether it was working concrete, residential work, or building skyscrapers, we can teach you the ways of the Metal Building System. Even if you don’t have construction experience, but think you’ve got the mind, body, and heart to build great big things, we’d love to talk to you.

We do not work in hazardous conditions, but potential hazards are around us all day, every day. You’ll need to be mentally sharp and attentive, so you can identify potential hazards before they become a legitimate hazard. We also work year-round, so be prepared to work in the heat of July and the cold of January. It may get hot and cold, but we prefer the fresh air over working in an air-conditioned cubicle! We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The safety of our crews in priority number one, and drugs jeopardize that. We have an active drug screening program, which covers pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing.

If you think you can see yourself as a part of our crew, apply today!